Compliance made easy

isComply takes the cost and complexity out of compliance, assists in managing risk and meeting the minimum requirements to maintain your school’s registration.

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What is isComply

isComply is Independent Schools Victoria’s compliance solution developed especially for Independent schools.

An online compliance portal tailored specifically to the needs of Independent schools and a range of services designed to assist schools not only in understanding and meeting their compliance obligations, but also encouraging them to build a culture of ongoing school compliance and to strive for best practice.

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Features and functions

Access an extensive range of compliance information, policy templates, guidance materials and compliance-related training, along with support from our industry experts.

The isComply portal is structured around the VRQA Minimum Standards and provides detailed compliance information and best practice guidance to assist Independent schools in meeting the requirements for school registration.
The portal also includes a broad variety of other compliance information—ranging from boarding schools to work experience—and provides access to a wealth of policy templates, guidance materials and compliance-related training.

The isComply package includes a range of additional services, such as the compliance notifications service and support from our industry experts to help you and your school better understand your compliance obligations, improve overall performance, and achieve best practice.
We encourage our members to draw on the wealth of resources across the isEducation product suite and our experts at Independent Schools Victoria.

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